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GAME - "Release Me If You Can":
an escape room experience for field epidemiologists

There have been early reports circulating that there is something strange happening at this year's SAFETYNET conference – people are dancing everywhere – WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Test your outbreak investigation skills and knowledge to release your small team from our escape room – and save the university from further infection and dance humiliation.


The Australian National University (ANU) will be hosting this experimental, fun, and free learning experience for attendees at the 1st SAFETYNET conference, held at the ANU in Canberra, Australia on 11-15 September 2023. Please register interest by contacting, you will also be able to sign up at the ANU booth on Monday 11 September 2023. Multiple time slots will be available on Monday (11 September) and Wednesday (13 September). The winning team will be awarded at the end of the conference.


The following site visits are scheduled for Wednesday (13 September) afternoon. Please note that these Health-Related Visits are all offered for free.

Tour 1: National Incident Centre (NIC) at the Australian Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra


Conference delegates will be taken on a tour of the Department of Health and Ageing’s National Incident Centre (NIC). The NIC is the Australian Government’s health emergency response centre. The NIC coordinates national responses to health emergencies, significant events and emerging threats, where there is an impact on human health or health systems. The NIC ensures a consistent, coordinated response to health emergencies in Australia which make best use of national health resources in crisis situations and minimize duplication of effort across government agencies. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from different functions in the NIC such as surveillance and epidemiology, deployable health assistance, Australian border operations, national medical stockpile and resilience and planning.


Delegates who register for this tour are asked to bring a form photo identification (passport or driver’s license) with them to be signed into the Department of Health and Ageing.


Date:                           13 September 2023

Departure time:           1:00 pm

Departure Pick-up:      Kambri Cultural Centre (Kingsley Street)

Return time:                3:00 pm - Kambri Cultural Centre

Capacity:                     maximum 20 pax


Tour 2:  Living safely with lead in a rural village in New South Wales, Australia


A New South Wales (NSW) Health Environmental Health Officer will lead this visit to Captain’s Flat, a small former mining village in NSW. You will travel through NSW farming land, view a disused mine, and visit the local water treatment plant.


Following detection of elevated lead levels, NSW Health Environmental Health staff have participated in a multi-agency taskforce to keep the community safe and engaged in a program of further soil testing and other data collection activities. You will hear about the rehabilitation of the legacy mine, and the health advice about lead provided to the community. You will visit a water treatment plant and learn how it supplies safe drinking water (Australian drinking water guidelines).  


Date:                           13 September 2023

Departure time:           1:15 pm (45 min drive)

Departure Pick-up:      Kambri Cultural Centre (Kingsley Street)

Return time:                5:00 pm - Kambri Cultural Centre

Capacity:                     maximum 20 pax

Tour 3: Tour of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Health Protection Service and ACT Government Analytical Laboratory


Conference delegates will be taken on a tour of the Health Protection Service (HPS), ACT Health Directorate. HPS is responsible for preventing public health incidents, as well as monitoring and enforcing public health regulations and providing public health advice in the Australian Capital Territory. This includes identifying and responding to particular health hazards and taking action to reduce the risk to the health of the public from communicable diseases, environmental hazards and the supply of medicines and poisons. The ACT Government Analytical Laboratory (ACTGAL), a section within the HPS, provides high level scientific analysis capability for the ACT government. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from professionals in the fields of Surveillance and Epidemiology, Environmental Health and Microbiology, as well as touring the Microbiology unit of ACTGAL.


Date:                            13 September 2023

Departure time:            2:30 pm

Departure Pick-up:       Kambri Cultural Centre 

Return time:                 4:30 pm - Kambri Cultural Centre

Capacity:                     maximum 20 pax



There will be the opportunity to book several different activities and site visits, including trips to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, National Parliament, National Gallery of Australia, and National Zoo & Aquarium. The social events will be on Wednesday (13 September 2023).


  1. Each would be for about 4 hours.

  2. All entry fees included.  

  3. Driver and Guide on each experience

  4. Click the "Book Here" button in each tour to access the booking link with a special price for SAFETYNET conference attendees. Upon booking, your credit card will show a pending status. You will only  be charged once the tour reaches its minimum of 12 people. If the tour does not  reach its minimum, it will be cancelled and you will be notified of cancellation. NOTE: Once payment is accepted for the tour, there will be no refund for no-show on September 13 (Wednesday afternoon).

Available Capacity:  45 persons

Costs/per person:     $95.00 AUD

Bus will depart at 1:30 pm sharp (the departure location to be announced at the conference)

Our tour starts in Canberra before a half-hour to 40-minute journey through Canberra’s bushland and rural surrounds. We quickly stop at the NASA Deep Space Tracking Station at Tidbinbilla. Here you’ll learn about the significant role played by our telescopes in the Apollo missions, the first moon landing, and current-day deep space tracking. We’ll then travel the short distance to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, where some of Australia’s most iconic native animals live in the wild. The reserve is home to thousands of wild Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and we have opportunities to view and photograph them up close. Next, we will be the watch for elusive Red-neck Wallabies, bandicoots and Platypus. The reserve has dozens of unique native birds, including colourful parrots and bowerbirds.


This tour has been cancelled!


This tour has been cancelled!


This tour has been cancelled!

For anyone wanting to do their own Highlights of Canberra Tour between 1 September and 18 September and outside of our organised tours, you can do so by going direct to the website and get a 15% discount by entering promo code: Safetynet23

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