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Lecture Presentation

Scientific Sessions

The Scientific Sessions provide attendees with insights and learnings from the various Oral and Poster presentations. The presentations are scheduled as parallel sessions in different rooms as listed below. 

Long and Short Oral Presentations Schedule

The long and short oral presentation sessions are scheduled for 12 to 14 Sep 2023. A total of 21 long oral presentation sessions and four short oral presentation sessions are listed under specific themes. The list of presentations scheduled can be seen by hovering over the schedules.

Long Oral Presentations - 10 min presentation + 5 to 10 Min Q&A
Short Oral Presentations - 6 min presentation + 4 min Q&A
Oral Presentation Schedule.jpg
Oral 1.jpg
Oral 2.jpg
Oral 3.jpg
Oral 4.jpg
Oral 5.jpg
Oral 6.jpg
Oral 7.jpg
Oral 8.jpg
Oral 9.jpg
Oral 10.jpg
Oral 11.jpg
Oral 12.jpg
Oral 13.jpg
Oral 14.jpg
Oral 15.jpg
Oral 16.jpg
Oral 17.jpg
Oral 18.jpg
Oral 19.jpg
Oral 20.jpg
Oral Schedule_Page_21.jpg
Short Oral 1.jpg
Short Oral Schedule_Page_2.jpg
Short Oral 3.jpg
Short Oral 4.jpg
Image by Sebastian Svenson

Poster Presentations Schedule

Location: Kambri Cultural Centre
Poster display: Sep 12 to 14, 2023

Note: Presenters must be present beside their respective posters on Tue 1:30-3:00 PM for Q&A
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