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     The 1st SAFETYNET Scientific Conference, formerly known as the 11th Southeast Asia and Western Pacific Bi-regional TEPHINET Scientific Conference, co-hosted by SAFETYNET and the Australian FETP, will be held from September 12-15, 2023 in Canberra, Australia. 

         Since 2000, TEPHINET has been organizing alternating global and regional scientific conferences to provide an opportunity to showcase the work that FETP trainees and alumni do. Starting in 2001, FETPs in the South East Asia and Western Pacific regions agreed to have joint bi-regional conferences in-between the global TEPHINET conferences. The first five bi-regional conferences in Taiwan (2001), Philippines (2003), India (2005), Taiwan (2007), Republic of Korea (2009) were organized by TEPHINET in collaboration with the host FETP.

      Following its creation in 2009, SAFETYNET began taking an active role in organizing the bi-regional conferences in collaboration with TEPHINET and the host FETP.  The 6th to 10th bi-regional conferences were held in Indonesia (2011), Viet Nam (2013), Cambodia (2016), Lao PDR (2018) and Taiwan (2021). In May 2023, TEPHINET and SAFETYNET agreed that SAFETYNET now has sufficient experience in organizing the bi-regional conferences. Henceforth, these bi-regional conferences will be called SAFETYNET scientific conferences.   

       This event will showcase the work of FETPs at the forefront of disease surveillance and public health emergency and outbreak response; and provide a forum for sharing of experiences among the scientific community. Current FETP trainees, alumni, program directors and staff, and other public health professionals in the Asia Pacific region are welcome to attend the conference.

Message from Organisers

Doc Conky.jpg
Dr. Maria Consorcia Lim-Quizon
Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,

We survived!

With the survival came lessons and experiences learned, that hopefully, would prevent morbidities and mortalities should there be a next one.  With this also, was the advent of communicating virtually, such that we kept in contact personally, socially, and professionally through the pandemic years.  Though we realized that meeting and learning through the internet did not and could not replace interacting face-to-face, not by a long shot.

This 1st SAFETYNET Scientific Conference presents the opportunity to connect all the dots, that we have accumulated on a micro and macro level, to advance human, animal, and ecosystem health. 

We are not alone. We can beat anything if we hold heads, hands, and hearts in the endeavour.  Connect, communicate, coordinate, and collaborate.

Thank you so much to the Australian National University team led by Dr. Tony Stewart for making this happen. So too, our gratitude to TEPHINET, the USCDC, WHO, FAO, and other partners for their unqualified support. Lastly, thank you to the individual members and FETP Directors, who make up SAFETYNET, you are the parts that make the great whole.

We take another step towards our vision of “People working together toward a healthy and resilient Asia Pacific region.”

Prof Tony Stewart.jpg
Professor Tony Stewart
Director, Australian FETP
Australian National University

It is an immense honour for Australia’s FETP, the Master of Applied Epidemiology program at the Australian National University, to co-host the 1st SAFETYNET Scientific Conference in Canberra, our nation’s capital.

Our theme, Connecting the Dots: Advancing Human, Animal, and Ecosystem Health, recognises the interconnectedness between human, animal, and ecosystem health and the importance of a One Health approach in FETP to ensure health security and human flourishing.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the crucial role that epidemiologists and public health experts play in safeguarding human health. Likewise, the emergence of Japanese Encephalitis in Australia has underscored the importance of recognising the interconnections between human, animal and environmental health and the need for coordinated efforts to address emerging challenges.

The Conference is a tremendous opportunity to share expertise and explore strategies for enhancing collaboration across sectors and disciplines to strengthen field epidemiology and pandemic preparedness. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country and your participation in these crucial discussions.

Dr Carl Reddy Pic 3_resized (1).jpg
Dr. Carl Reddy

TEPHINET has witnessed important recent developments in the Indo-Pacific region including the Regional FETP Landscape Analysis and SAFETYNET strategic planning and it is with great anticipation that we look forward to the 1st SAFETYNET Scientific Conference (formerly the Bi-Regional Conference) in September this year. TEPHINET salutes the sterling work being done by FETPs, FETP networks and partners in the region to strengthen field epidemiology capacity thus contributing to health system strengthening and ensuring health security. In light of the lessons learned during the COVID pandemic, the importance of collaboration and partnerships in these endeavors cannot be overstated. TEPHINET extends its best wishes and support to key partners in the run up to the bi-regional conference and it is our fervent hope that the conference will reinforce the strong foundation for pandemic preparedness and response that is being built in the region.

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